My name is Renee Bautista and I am the owner and director of the LearningRx Fresno Brain Training Center Northeast. I invite you to visit our brain training center at 9495 N. Fort Washington Road in Fresno, California. This is where Brain Training takes place day after day. If you would prefer, you may reach us via phone at (559) 27-LEARN or (559) 275-3276.


I was born and raised here in the central valley and there is no place I would rather live and raise my family.  I am a mother, wife, business owner, college graduate and I have a strong passion for helping local children with learning disabilities.  I am a local expert on all things cognitive. Most of my posts will touch on subjects related to children with learning disabilities and providing help to those parents looking for it.  I also love my community, so a lot of my website will be dedicated to those looking for family fun events/activities in the Central California Region. Thanks for visiting and feel free to explore the rest of CentralCalMom.com!

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