A DIY Project That Makes A Perfect Gift!

If you are like me, then you enjoy giving gifts more than you like receiving them.

I always think of fun cute things to create for gifts.  Last week was one of my girlfriend’s birthday!  I took three photos from Instagram and had the Fed-Ex Office store next to Starbucks in River Park print them out using a laser printer and the thinnest paper they have (they one have one thickness).  I then went to Michaels right across the parking lot and found everything else I needed.  The Mod Podge, sponge brushes, the transferring gel and even the wood to transfer the pictures to (I didn’t have to go to Home Depot)!

I followed the instructions for the video above.  And my finished products turned out amazing…The End!


I did exactly what she said not to do!  I didn’t put enough of the gel onto the wood and when I rubbed the paper off with a wet sponge, most of the picture came off the wood!! 😦

So the next day I went back to Michael’s and the Fed-Ex Office purchased the same items again and then went back to work!

This time I used my hands to put the gel on the wood (putting a much thicker layer on them and evened it out much better than the sponge brush could) and also put some on the picture itself (using the sponge brush).  This time the pictures turned out soooo much better! 🙂

Here are some tips not mentioned in the video:

  • the color white does not transfer well
  • text should be printed backwards on picture so it will be the right direction on the wood!
  • the Mod Podge doesn’t go on perfectly, it’s a science. Try it a few times
  • it takes 4-5 times to rub all the paper off, let it dry between rubbing it off.
  • try staining the board first or staining it then painting it white and distressing it before transferring the picture!  It’s impossible after!

Go watch more of HeyKayli’s videos on youtube for fun ideas!

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